My Book of the Church's Year

Enid Chadwick
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This gem of a book is best described in the words of Peter Kwasniewski, who has written the Foreword for our newly reprinted edition:

“Quite simply, it’s the loveliest, most charming, and in many ways most clever introduction to the liturgical calendar I’ve ever come across. It is informed by a deep Catholic love for the seasons of the year, the feasting and fasting, the great holy days, the pageantry of the saints and their stories, the underlying rhythm that connects nature, culture, and sanctity.”

Though written and illustrated by Enid Chadwick, a High Church Anglican, the feasts depicted in this book differ only in very minor ways from the traditional Catholic calendar. Chadwick’s handsome illustrations are simple enough for young children, and yet at the same time full of complexities for those who are attentive, making My Book of the Church’s Year appealing to a wide range of ages.


See photos comparing our newly reprinted edition with the original book here on our blog!


6" x 9.5"    Hardcover     52 pages




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