The Spiritual Way: Book 4

Mother Margaret Bolton
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Suggested Age Range 9-12

Around the year 1912, Mother Bolton of the Cenacle of St. Regis in New York began working on lessons for use in instructing novices entering the convent.  As she developed them further, she began using them to teach children as well as teachers of religious education.

The fruit of these labors is the series “The Spiritual Way,” which is targeted for grades three through seven.  Covering twenty fundamental doctrines of the Church, ranging from the Creation and Fall to the Church and her Sacraments, this series seeks to lead the child to think deeply about each subject, rather than simply memorize information.  Thus, by thinking and learning to express dogma in their own words, young people will come to understand, love and apply it to their everyday lives.

Book Four is devoted to the teaching of the Sacraments and the channel through which they come to us: the Church.  It is an excellent preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.


5.83" x 8.27"       paperback         238 pages


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