The Rhymed Life of St. Patrick

Katharine Tynan
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“…in lively recitative ballad verse, Katharine Tynan tells the entire story of St. Patrick, without missing a single incident of any significance or importance. The book consists of thirty-two large folio pages, where 'a rivulet' of large, opulent type 'meanders through a meadow of margin,' set off by artistic illustrations.  If Blessed Patrick and sweet St. Bride only respond to the prayer of the Envoy, and 'Bless this book and scatter it wide,' old and young may easily acquire and retain a comprehensive, if not complete, knowledge of all that is to be known of Ireland’s patron saint."

--from a review in The Catholic World, December 1907

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8.5" x 11"     hardcover     32 pages


Suggested Age Range:
Suggested Age Range: