The Queen's Festivals

Mother Mary St. Peter
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An Explanation of the Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Do you know the story of Our Lady of Mount Carmel?  Can you point to Lepanto on a map?  Have you ever heard about the miraculous August snow that signified where Mary’s basilica was to be built in Rome?  Learn these and many other stories in this sequel to Mary the Queen.  The second book in our Seat of Wisdom Series by Mother Mary St. Peter, this volume may surprise you with many tales you may not have known about Our Lady.  Packed with beautiful black and white illustrations of Our Lady.

If you enjoy the work of Mother Mary Loyola, we think you will be thrilled to discover the work of Mother Mary St. Peter!

Please note: The text has been modified in places in order to render it more accessible to modern readers; this was done with great care and sensitivity toward the age of the material, in order to maintain respect for the era in which it was written, as well as to preserve the original writer’s voice.  Though the wording has been thus modified, very little of the content itself has been changed in any way, except to add select footnotes, expand certain chapters with omitted details, and add the story of Our Lady of Fatima.


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