The Our Holy Faith Series


ofgg-original-cover.pngMany of you are already familiar with the Our Holy Faith series due to its having been republished in the 1990's by Neumann Press.  For the curious, here is a little more background information on the series.


The Our Holy Faith series was produced in the late 1950s/early 1960s under the direction of Msgr. Clarence Elwell, who was then superintendent of schools for the diocese of Cleveland, Ohio.  With the help of Msgr Fuerst, Professor of Catechetics at St. Mary's Seminary in Cleveland, Msgr. Bernard Rattigan, head of the education department at Catholic University of America, and various and sundry teaching Sisters, the various volumes in the series were brought into being.

It was conceived with the Baltimore Catechism at its core, presenting the contents of the Catechism in order but doing so in a way that helps to explain the concepts before presenting the Question-and-Answer format for memorization.

Thus the first two grades (1st: My Father and Mother on Earth and in Heaven and 2nd: Jesus Comes) introduce the child gently to the basics found in the First Communion Catechism.

Then the Baltimore Catechism #1 is covered in two parts in the Third Grade (God's Truths Help us Live) and the Fifth Grade (Living Like Christ, In Christ), with a year in between studying the Mass and the Liturgical Year (Fourth Grade: The Vine and the Branches).

This cycle is repeated in grades 6-8, with the Baltimore Catechism being divided between 6th Grade (Our Faith: God's Great Gift) and 8th Grade (To Live is Christ), with a year of studying Bible and Church History between (7th Grade: Christ in Promise, in Person and in His Church).



1st-grade-tm-cover.png ohf-1-cover-small.png First Grade: My Father and Mother on Earth and in Heaven introduces children to the faith, using the concept of one's own father and mother, applied to our Father in heaven. Because most of the teaching at this level is done orally, the Teacher's Manual is indispensable for parents and teachers.
2nd-grade-cover.png ohf2-cover-small.png Second Grade: Jesus Comes prepares children for First Communion. This teacher's manual differs from the others, presenting the lesson plans as a chart showing what to present on each day of the week. Many outside resources were recommended with this course, and can be found listed in the back. We are working to provide what we can from this list, where copyright allows.
3rd-grade-tm-cover.png ohf3-cover-small.png Third Grade: God's Truths Help us Live introduces children to the first half of the Baltimore Catechism #1.
4th-grade-tm.png 4th-grade-ohf-cover.png Fourth Grade: The Vine and the Branches studies the Mass and the many feasts of the Liturgical year.
5th-grade-tm-small.png llc-cover.png Fifth Grade: Living Like Christ, In Christ returns to the Baltimore Catechism #1 and teaches the second half.
6th-gradw-tm-small.png 6th-cover-mockup.png Sixth Grade: Our Faith: God's Great Gift With this book begins the second cycle of studying the Baltimore Catechism. We return to the first half, this time studying the #2 Catechism.
7th-grade-tm-small.png 7th-cover-mockup.png Seventh Grade: Christ in Promise, in Person and in His Church studies the history of God's people, beginning with the Old Testament and continuing through the New Testament and after.
8th-grade-tm-small.png to-live-is-christ.png Eighth Grade: To Live is Christ returns to the second half of Baltimore Catechism #2.


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