The Old Mill on the Withrose

Rev. Henry S. Spalding, S.J.
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Height 8.50
Width 5.50
Depth 0.50
Suggested Age Range 9-12
Suggested Age Range 13-15

When the doctor declares that Florian Bell’s health is in serious danger, he is sent from his home in Milwaukee to stay with his cousins Hunter and Leo on the banks of Withrose Creek in Kentucky.  There he learns how to fish, hunt, and lay snares…but the boys’ favorite pastime is trying to unravel the mystery of the old mill...what will its secrets unfold?  What is Bob Lindon hiding there?  And will the mysterious night riders manage to make good their threats against the Bell farm?  Only time will tell...


5.5" x 8.5"       paperback         200 pages

Suggested Age Range:
Suggested Age Range: