The Mother Mary Loyola Collection

Mother Mary Loyola
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Which version of Jesus of Nazareth would you like? Required

For those who love Mother Mary Loyola, it's hard to decide which books to buy. With this collection, you can own them all** and save money at the same time. Now including our newest title by Mother Loyola, Sursum Corda!

You will receive the following titles:

  • Blessed are they that Mourn
  • Confession and Communion
  • Coram Sanctissimo
  • First Communion
  • Questions on First Communion
  • First Confession
  • Forgive us our Trespasses
  • Hail! Full of Grace
  • Heavenwards
  • Home for Good
  • Jesus of Nazareth* (choose which version)
  • Sursum Corda! A Collection of Short Works
  • The Child of God
  • The Children's Charter
  • The Soldier of Christ
  • Trust
  • Welcome! Holy Communion Before and After
  • With the Church Vol 1 and 2


That's 19 books in all--and you save 25% off the regular price!


*We have two versions of the book Jesus of Nazareth, so you can choose which one you would prefer.  Though the contents are identical, the title and cover are more suited either for children or for adults.

**NOTE: The Little Children's Prayer Book and The King of the Golden City are not included in this collection.