Sursum Corda! A Collection of Short Works

Mother Mary Loyola
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Height 8.50
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This long-awaited anthology of all the minor works by Mother Mary Loyola is the fruit of many years of seeking.  The relatively small size of the many booklets she wrote, mostly for the Catholic Truth Society, seems to have led over the years to the loss of most copies.  Therefore it was no mean feat to assemble the most complete collection possible, including 13 of her 14 known pamphlets, as well as a bonus selection: a short essay published in a school magazine during the last year of Mother Loyola’s life.  From her early How to Help the Sick and Dying to her biographical preface for the Maxims of Mary Ward, they can all be found in this volume.  We hope that this will preserve them to future generations.

5.5" x 8.5"       softcover         522 pages