Sponsor a Stranger's Copy of Treasure and Tradition

Lisa Bergman
SKU 639366D

Would you like to see the book Treasure and Tradition make its way into the hands of someone around the globe who might not otherwise have found it?


We are currently assembling a grassroots effort to distribute copies of this book in English, Spanish and Portuguese during the Pan-Amazon Synod in October, but we need your help to make this a reality!


To help us out, we ask first of all that you pray for the success of this endeavor! 

If you would like to volunteer to distribute copies in Rome during the Synod, or can help us with planning or logistics, please contact us

And to sponsor the cost of the copies we will be distributing, you can either contribute to our WonderWe project here, or you can simply add this "product" to your cart for each $5 increment you'd like to donate


Here's the best part: if you donate at least $25 (i.e. add 5 of these $5 donations to your cart), you automatically get $5 off when you order your own copy!  So by sponsoring a stranger's copy, you can save money on your own!


Thank you for your generosity and God bless you!