My Picture Book of First Communion

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This beautifully illustrated book, with its companion, My Picture Book of First Confession, was originally written by a Dutch religious, Brother Maria Cassianus Versteeg, as one among a series of books for children printed by their Orphanage Printing House.

The original Dutch needed a good deal of adaptation during the translation process, so in reconstructing the text, we borrowed heavily from the work of Mother Mary Loyola, who would have been a rough contemporary.

The result is a brief yet comprehensive preparation for these important Sacraments which pairs nicely with the more thorough presentation of the same in the books of Mother Mary Loyola, which were long considered the "gold standard" in Catechesis.


Note: the verses in this book can be found set to music in our Child's Book of Hymns.


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8.5" x 11"          hardcover          36 pages



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