Heavenward Bound

E.T.W. Branscombe
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Height 9.25
Width 7.50
Depth 0.20
Suggested Age Range 5-8
Suggested Age Range 9-12

Come along on a journey toward our Heavenly Home as we learn about God and His Church, how to talk to Him in Prayer, and how to receive His graces for the journey through the Sacraments. 

Why did God make us? 

Why is it sometimes hard to be good? 

What can we do when we have hurt our best friend Jesus through sin? 

Find the answers to these questions and more in Heavenward Bound.

Read more about this Anglo-Catholic children's classic and why we've decided to republish it on our blog here.


7.5" x 9.25"     paperback        96 pages



Suggested Age Range:
Suggested Age Range: