God's Hour in the Nursery Activity Book

Mother Margaret Bolton
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Height 11.00
Width 8.50
Depth 0.13
Suggested Age Range 0-4
Suggested Age Range 5-8

God's Hour in the Nursery is a pair of books for teacher and student that are designed to introduce the youngest children to the first lessons of the Baltimore Catechism--namely, those related to creation and the life of the soul.  Through a series of stories and rhymes interspersed with coloring pages, the child learns to recognize the difference between plant life and animal life, and the difference between animal life and human life.  Along the way, he also begins to gain an understanding of God, the Church, The Commandments, the Sacraments and Prayer.

Please note: This Activity Book contains only the student's portion of the lessons. The Guidance Book contains all the instruction material and is required in order to use this Activity Book.


8.5" x 11"       paperback         56 pages



Suggested Age Range:
Suggested Age Range: