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Why hasn't my order arrived?

We apologize; we have been experiencing a number of problems with our supply chain as well as the USPS during 2020 and have struggled to keep abreast of all of them.  Here are some very common scenarios...please see if your situation fits any of these categories.  If so, we ask for your patience.  If your order is more than a month overdue, please let us know right away.  However, in some of the instances below, there is little we can do.

1. Did your order include a pre-order?  If so, we ship all such orders only when the pre-ordered book is in stock.  If you need the rest of your books sooner, please place a separate order.

2. Did you choose Media Mail as your shipping method?  We are finding that quite a few of these packages are disappearing into black holes for weeks at a time with no updates...then they magically reappear and get delivered.  Sometimes this is taking up to a month.  It is infuriating and no explanation is ever given.  However, in every instance that we know of so far, the package does end up being delivered.  I hate to ask for your patience with this one, but it is outside our control.

3. Did you place an order for multiple copies of one or more books?  See the answer for #5 below.

4. Did you place a large order of 10-20 books or more?  See the answer for #5 below.

5. Did your order include one or more of our textbooks?  We have been experiencing severe delays in receiving stock from our supplier.  Combined with unprecedented demand for our books, especially our textbooks, this has led to us running out of several titles.  In most of these instances, we therefore had our supplier drop ship your books to you, so that you don't need to wait for them to arrive here and then have us ship them.  Unfortunately, this still means that it could take up to a month to receive your order.  Again, we apologize profusely for this situation, but we are doing the best we can to keep up with demand.  Thank you so much for understanding.


Why isn't your phone number listed?  I have questions and would like to speak to someone.

There are two reasons why our phone number isn't listed. 

First is the fact that our business is also our home.  Many people do not realize this and will call outside business hours, which disrupts our family time together.

Second...because of the size and nature of our small family business, we do not operate the way a large business does.  We do not have someone on staff to answer phone calls, and as a busy mother of 6, I cannot always be available.  Moreover, the demands of our growing business mean that while the work has doubled, the labor force has not.

It is always a blessing to meet our customers in person or over the phone.  But I have to be realistic with the time I have.  Please, if you have questions, see if they are answered below, or submit them via e-mail.  I promise to respond as soon as I am able.


I did not receive an e-mail letting me know my order has shipped.  What gives?

We don’t typically send notifications when your package has shipped. This is in part because, well, *blush* we have busy lives and sometimes that means that we don’t get packages shipped the very next day…I mean, really, we try--we don't just sit on orders and ignore them, but occasionally I'm out all day on Friday helping out with something at my kids' school, and the order you placed on Thursday waits till Monday's mail pickup.  In our Amazon-instant world, sending an e-mail that shows just how disorganized we sometimes are is kinda embarrassing.  So we hide it by not sending those e-mails…

This is why we recommend that if you absolutely must have your order by a specific day, please just let us know so that we can make sure that happens.

All of that being said, you can always check the status of your order by logging into your account.  The tracking for each package can be found there.  If for some reason you do not find a tracking number there, that means that we have drop shipped your order from our supplier, and we can track it for you if needed.

We hope that when you do receive your books, you will love them so much that you will forgive us for being the schleps that we are.  :)


We would like to sell your books in our store/church, etc.--do you offer terms for resellers?

Yes!  To receive more information regarding our standard wholesale terms and conditions, please visit our wholesale registration page and submit your information.  Once we have received this form, we can process your request for a wholesale account.


Do you accept returns?

As much as we would like to accept returns, we do not have the sort of "cushion" that larger businesses have.  Once items have left our hands, they can no longer be sold as new, and this means we would have to dispose of returned items some other way.  Amazon throws returned books in the garbage.  We simply can't afford this.

We want you to be happy with your purchase, and to this end, we have begun adding links to sample pages from each book, so that you can get a sense of what it's like before you buy it.  If you don't see a link for the book you are considering, and would like to see sample pages, contact us and we'll see what we can do to help you.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship to most countries, but if you are located in Europe or Australia, you may want to check first with Cenacle House in the UK or with Freedom Publishing in Australia to see if they can ship your order for less.   For our Canadian customers, you can find most of our books at Sunrise Marian for the same list price and domestic shipping, so be sure to check them out.

Please also be aware that international shipping can incur additional import costs such as duties, taxes and brokerage fees.  St. Augustine Academy Press cannot be responsible for these additional costs.  See our Policies page for more information.


How much will it cost to ship my order?

To estimate your shipping cost, add the products you would like to purchase to your cart.  When viewing your cart, you will find a link that allows you to estimate shipping and tax.  Click this link and enter your location details to receive an estimate of shipping costs.

For our international customers, you may get a more accurate quote by proceeding to checkout.  Don't worry, no order will be placed until you submit payment, but you may find better options in the checkout area than are provided in the cart estimator.  We have recently upgraded our shipping providers and the rates you will find are the best we can offer, and are sometimes surprisingly affordable.


I am worried about the safety of my data and would prefer to place my order by phone.  Can I do this?

We definitely understand your concern, and we do our best to make sure that our site is kept up-to-date with all the latest security features.

There are two things we need to let you know in terms of the safety of your data here on our website:

1. A few years ago, we were updating our account with MailChimp (which we use to send our newsletters), when by accident ALL our customers' e-mail addresses were added to our mailing list.  We were mortified, but despite lots of effort, we could not undo the process, and did our best to apologize.  This is the only time we have ever used customer data without opting-in.  We never, ever intentionally use your data unless you have given us permission, and we never share it with anyone else.

2. When you place your order by phone, we have to use the very same online interface to process your order that you would be using if you placed it yourself online.  There is no way around this.  We have no way of processing your credit card payment without using an online connection.  And in order to process the order and ship it to you, we have to enter it into our website on our end, because we have no other way of keeping track of it all.

During the checkout process, we give you the option to send a check, so you are welcome to avail yourself of this option if you are uncomfortable with using your credit card online.

We are blessed to have watched our business grow a lot over the years, but we still have the same staff of one person with occasional help from family members.  And I honestly love meeting our customers in person or on the phone.  However, please understand that time spent taking orders over the phone is time we cannot spend in bringing you the great books you love.


Which series of Religion textbooks is right for my family?

This is a natural question, one which I wish I had the answers for.  It is difficult for me to advise you in this, because every family's needs are different.  We have done our best to outline each series, using what information we have.  You can read those outlines here:

Our Holy Faith Series

Highway to Heaven Series

In a nutshell, I find that the biggest differences between the two are:

1. The Our Holy Faith Series uses the updated Baltimore Catechism from the 1940s, whereas the Highway to Heaven series uses the original unrevised version.

2. The Our Holy Faith Series focuses more heavily on the Catechism, studying the First Communion Catechism, and Catechism # 1 and 2 over the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 8th grades.  4th grade studies the Mass and Liturgical Year, and 7th grade studies Bible and Church History.

On the other hand, the Highway to Heaven series is largely story-based in its earlier years, narrating our faith through the lens of the people involved.  Therefore it takes the first two years to study the Life of Christ, with the first introduction to the Baltimore Catechism #1 in the 3rd grade.  4th and 5th grade study Bible History and Church History, respectively.  6th grade studies the Mass, and 7th and 8th grade study the Baltimore Catechism #2 in great detail.

3. The Highway to Heaven series, by its design, is not merely a religion course but a full religion curriculum that includes outside reading, hymns and artwork.  There are also lots of teacher resources that help parents and teachers to deepen their own understanding of the topics and/or more effectively communicate the lessons to the children.  Therefore, while it is entirely possible to use the series without any of these additions, its biggest strength comes from using the Teacher's manuals to incorporate this extra material.  This may seem daunting from a cost perspective, but provides a fuller integration of the lessons into the life of the child and even the family.

I personally favor the Highway to Heaven series as you can probably see; however, I wish to stress that I have not had the opportunity to use it with my own children, so you should take that with some grains of salt.  :)

I wish you all the best in discerning which series to use.


Can you publish my book / sell it on your website?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is usually no.  We have considered this option in the past, but the reality is that running a business as a family requires us to wear many, many hats, and can be extremely overwhelming at times.  If we were to add the complexity of handling royalties and publicity for living authors, we would no longer be able to focus on the basics of what we do best: reprinting great out-of-print books that are sorely needed today. 

We welcome suggestions for titles you would like to see brought back into print; however, please do not send us manuscripts for review or publishing. Any items sent to us will not be acknowledged or returned.  Please respect our limited time constraints.