A Child's Book of Saints

William Canton
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Suggested Age Range 9-12
Suggested Age Range 13-15

Young people--boys and girls alike--will delight in these stories of the saints, many of which will be entirely new to them, as the author has brought out several stories of less-well-known early British saints.  An early companion to the popular Child's Book of Warriors, this book was also published under the title W.V.'s Golden Legend in the United States.

William Canton was a journalist, poet and an author of children's books such as The Invisible Playmate (1894), W.V., Her Book (1896/97), and A Child's Book of Warriors (1912). His style in storytelling embodies the legacy of British literature going back as far as Shakespeare and beyond, lending a sophisticated air to prose that is simultaneously charming and accessible.

This book has been painstakingly retypeset in exact imitation of the turn-of-century style of the 1898 original, and includes all the original illustrations including the original cover.


While supplies last, we have some lightly damaged copies for sale.  The upper corner of the spine of each copy is dinged badly enough to be cosmetically imperfect, but this does not affect readability.

5.5" x 8.5"       paperback        268 pages

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