Catholic Songs for Children CD

John Redmond
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Help your children learn their faith with these delightful songs from the 1950s!  From the Ten Commandments to the Works of Mercy, these songs cover much of the Catechism and they do it in a way that is memorable as well as enjoyable.  Our children listened to these songs regularly when they were little and it always delighted me to hear them humming or singing them to themselves.  As they've gotten older, they have been thankful to find that they can remember their Works of Mercy in a snap!

The style of these songs varies somewhat but most have a 1940s/50s flair with a mix of a boy soloist, a girls' trio reminiscent of the Andrews Sisters, a male choir and John Redmond himself.  The musical quality is such that you won't mind listening to them over and over--something that cannot always be said for children's music.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to hear some sample tracks!

We created this CD with brand-new transfers from the original vinyl records, and we even found an original, early recording of "I'm a Soldier in Christ's Army" without the warping at the end, as well as a record with two new songs that have not been heard since the 1960's: "The Best Christmas Present of All" and "I Want To Be a Little Missionary."  To learn more about our undertaking, read our blog post about it!

Our CD comes with a booklet containing all the lyrics and a short biography of the composer, John Redmond.

These 27 songs include the following tracks:

1 Morning Offering

2 The Ten Commandments Song for Little Children (God’s Laws)

3 God Lives in Me (Baptism)

4 Whose Sins You Shall Forgive (Confession)

5 The Living Christ (Holy Communion)

6 For Better, For Worse (Marriage)

7 The Sacrament of the Sick (Extreme Unction)

8 I’m a Soldier in Christ’s Army (Confirmation)

9 Why Do We Tip Our Hats to a Priest? (Holy Orders)

10 Anima Christi (Soul of Christ)

11 In The Eyes of God (Examination of Conscience)

12 I Assist At Mass

13 One Fold and One Shepherd (Unity)

14 Daniel in the Lion’s Den (Faith)

15 Who Made the World? (Creation)

16 Why Did God Make Us? (Purpose of Life)

17 Three Persons in One God (Trinity)

18 Gather ‘Round the Crib at Christmas (Nativity)

19 Mary is My Mother Too

20 Look Out, Little One (Occasions of Sin)

21 Jesus, Our Redeemer

22 Easter Song (Resurrection)

23 I Believe in the Catholic Church

24 The Works of Mercy

25 The Apostle’s Creed

26 The Best Christmas Present of All

27 I Want To Be a Little Missionary


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Sample a few of these tracks below: