More Before-and-After Photos!

In our last post we showed you before-and-after photos of our new Wonder Series, because we couldn't help being excited at how like the originals they turned out.

One of my favorite parts of reprinting these old treasures is in preserving the look and feel of the original books.  There's just something about that vintage look that always draws my eye whenever I stray too close to a used book sale.  

So when our newest arrivals were delivered today, I couldn't wait to get out my camera and show you how they compare to their originals.  

Because the originals were not printed covers, but embossed fabric, we were not able to achieve an *exact* match, but we still came pretty close.

All three of these books have a Smythe Sewn binding and a durable, library-grade laminate finish that we hope will keep them in good condition for a very long time, despite lots of loving!

See what you think!

Here's A Child's Rule of Life:

Also by Robert Hugh Benson is Old Testament Rhymes.  This original had a paper cover:

And last but not least we have The Rhymed Life of St. Patrick by Katharine Tynan.  This one proved the greatest challenge because actual gold embossing would have brought the price up significantly.  We wanted to reproduce as closely as possible the feel of the original but still keep the price economical.  We hope you will find this a close second to the handsome original:

Lastly here's a snap of all three, showing one of my favorite nice little touches, the colored endsheets inside the front covers: